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Saturday, 28 May 2011

How to Get Started in Reef Keeping

In the interest of giving those of you new marine aquarium hobby place to start, I've written this FAQ varieties. I'm tired to answer some basic questions that most people face when setting up your first aquarium SW. It is by no means an exhaustive list and there are many ways to set up the tank. This should serve as a starting point - that will help you begin to ask the right questions and get your feet wet. So maybe your hands .... ok, ok ... clear to his armpits. Let's get started!

Question: What basic equipment and other items I need to start a saltwater aquarium



1.The tank: Contrary to what you might think, starting with a small tank is the best option. In fact, the higher the better. You see, the greater the amount of water is less apt to be affected by sudden changes of water that are common in beginner's tank. Think of it this way: If you take a glass of water and a gallon of water and add a drop of blue food coloring to each, which will have the color change? Correct, cup. Now imagine you have a fish die in your tank while you're at work. As fish decays, it produces toxic ammonia. small amount of water, the more damaging will be the second ammonia tank inhabitants. Simply put, the larger tank is more forgiving. good size to start a 55 gal or larger.

1.The tank: Contrary to what you might think, starting with a small tank is the best option. In fact, the higher the better. You see, the greater the amount of water is less apt to be affected by sudden changes of water that are common in beginner's tank. Think of it this way: If you take a glass of water and a gallon of water and add a drop of blue food coloring to each, which will have the color change? Correct, cup. Now imagine you have a fish die in your tank while you're at work. As fish decays, it produces toxic ammonia. small amount of water, the more damaging will be the second ammonia tank inhabitants. Simply put, the larger tank is more forgiving. good size to start a 55 gal or larger.


2 Water: If you ever had a foul tasting tap water, you know that not all water is created equal. Tap water can contain a variety of chemicals, minerals and other impurities that are not suitable for reef keeping. Tap water is likely to contain chlorine and chloramines may be, and even nitrate and phosphate. So, what kind of water do not want to use. There are lots of options, most of which is purified water reverse osmosis (RO water). In the interest of keeping this simple, and not getting over your head, let's just say that the reverse osmosis water gives you a purist. You'll find the RO water in most any supermarket - just check the label. If you go to Wal-Mart, this is the one with green cap and takes less than sixty cents per gallon at the time of this writing. There are also home RO units widely available reef keepers, if you want to clean their water.


3 Filtration: It can be a real can of worms. There are many different options and many, many different theories about the best type of filtration for a reef tank. The most common and accepted method is to use live rock (LR) and deep sand bed with a protein skimmer. Live rock is simply a way of saying porous carbonate rocks on the basis of the host and the macro-and micro-organisms. Because of its highly porous nature of LR, it is able to support huge quantities of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Make sure to use a rock that will leech minerals in the water.


In order to provide enough LR to be an effective biological filter, you have between 1.5 to 2 lbs of live rock per gallon of water. So, in 55 gal tank, you would like to about 82.5 to 110 lbs live rock


In order to provide enough LR to be an effective biological filter, you have between 1.5 to 2 lbs of live rock per gallon of water. So, in 55 gal tank, you would like to about 82.5 to 110 lbs live rock


Deep Sand Bed (DSB) is usually two to four inches deep and gives lots of surface area for beneficial bacteria. surface of the host Nitrosomonas and deeper, less oxygen layer is nitrobacters.


Now May you be saying to yourself, surely there is no way to remove fish waste before it starts to collapse and becomes a problem at the microscopic level. Guess what, you're right!


This only covers the basics of filtration. Please read the more information you can find on this topic. better understand how this process works, the more success you will have.

4 Lights: type of lighting you provide will depend directly on what you choose to get into your tank. If you want to keep fish (FOR) tank, then you can get for just a standard fluorescent lighting. If you want to keep corals and anemones, you will need a stronger light. rule of thumb is 3-5 watts per gallon - as technology advances to the rule of thumb is less accurate. Many factors such as type of lighting, depth of the container, placing corals will be important as well.

You have many options to choose from, but most are a combination of three technologies: Power Compact fluorescents (PC), high output (VHO) or Metal Halide (MH.).

Power compacts will allow you to keep a variety of corals, including all soft corals, and a limited selection of hard coral -. mostly large polyps stonies (LPS)

VHO , while not as intense as PC lights, available in several wattages and afford a similar selection of corals to be kept. However, the VHO is often used in conjunction with Metal Halides.

Metal Halides offers the largest range of options allows for reef keepers to satisfy the most demanding lighting requirements, and corals, including small polyps stonies (SPS). lack of MH lighting is a relatively high cost, and intense heat to be disposed of. Special precautions for cooling must be taken to maintain the water temperature when using MH lighting. At least, you'll have one or more cooling fans of light and water. Another, more expensive cooling option is to use a chiller.

Another less common option that is gaining popularity is the use of T-5 Lighting . T-5-type of high output fluorescent lighting (HO), but which are of smaller diameter and greater intensity than other types of fluorescents. Proponents say the T-5's will one day replace the MH, but others argue that they have the ability to penetrate deeper and should only be used for shallow tanks no deeper than 18 ".

As noted, these are generalizations. Many reef keepers have had success keeping all types of marine life using any of these types of lighting.

5 Edition: the goal of every reef keeper should repeat the natural ocean conditions as much as possible. In this way, you have the greatest chance to create friendly environment for your fish, corals, and invertebrates. Circulation is usually given the power heads, which are small pump placed in the water, which draw water and then wash it off at a higher pressure. rule here is ten times the amount of water per hour. If we use our hypothetical 55 gal tank, that would mean that we would like at least 550 GPH flow. The power of the head should be positioned so as to simulate ocean currents and the creation of flow in all parts of the tank and to avoid "dead spots ". Dead spots, areas of the tank with low circulation, may allow waste to settle out of the water column where it can fall apart and raise the level of harmful ammonia.

Question: What are the nitrate nitrogen cycle ()?

Question: What are the nitrate nitrogen cycle ()?


A: As mentioned earlier, the decline of fish to produce ammonia. In fact live fish produce ammonia as a product of respiration. It also produces the fish waste and uneaten food decompose (DOC-a.) If allowed to exist in any significant quantity, the ammonia will wreak havoc on your tank inhabitants and can cause death. This is where the bacteria enter the picture. bacteria, which use ammonia in their own metabolic process, called Nitrosomonas. Nitrosomonas thrive in a highly oxygenated environment and consume ammonia in a process called aerobic nitrification. As these bacteria multiply, they used up the ammonia and nitrite produced as a by-product. Unfortunately Nitrites are also toxic marine environment. Fortunately, this is not the end of the cycle and there are bacteria that consume nitrates. These bacteria thrive in low oxygen environments and are called nitrobacteria. They consume nitrite in a process called anaerobic (or anoxic) denitrification. nitrobacteria convert nitrites to nitrates. Nitrates are the end of the line in this process. nitrates are less harmful to aquatic life than ammonia or nitrites, but should not be in any significant quantities. Nitrates are removed by frequent, small changes in the water - typically 10-20% per week. Some people choose to make larger, less frequent water changes. There are some other options for reducing nitrate, but it is a topic for another day.


Question: How do I set my fill


Note: Before adding water to your tank, make sure that the tank and the stand level. After the tank that is not level can lead to cracking your tank!

the next decision you need to do is if you want to use sand or crushed coral as a substrate (bottom layer). Some people choose to have a bare bottom tank for aesthetic reasons, but most use one of these two substrates.

for biological filtration, deep sand bed is the most recommended substrate. sand must be clean sand argon. Silica based sand can be harmful for some sand sifting creatures May you decide to keep. Another possibility is still chosen by many people is crushed coral. Crushed coral will not be as effective in hosting anoxic bacteria such as the DSB, but is easily accessible and many like her appearance on the sand. After laying your substrate, you are ready for water.

for biological filtration, deep sand bed is the most recommended substrate. sand must be clean sand argon. Silica based sand can be harmful for some sand sifting creatures May you decide to keep. Another possibility is still chosen by many people is crushed coral. Crushed coral will not be as effective in hosting anoxic bacteria such as the DSB, but is easily accessible and many like her appearance on the sand. After laying your substrate, you are ready for water.


As explained earlier, you'll want to start with water purified through reverse osmosis. When filling the tank for the first time, it's OK to mix water and salt in a container. Once you have livestock in your tank, you'll want to mix saltwater in a bucket or hose, and then add it to the mailbox. There are several salt mixes out there, all of which have their fans and detractors. No matter what you decide you want to mix the salinity between 1.022 to 1.025. For most salt mixes, you get close to the desired salinity by adding salt to mix at a rate of ½ cup per gallon of water. For default settings, do not fill the container all the way down. Remember that you will move water from a large quantity of rock. Also, if you want to leave enough room in the tank to adjust your salinity. If your salinity is too high, you will add more RO water, if too low, you will add a bit more concentrated sea water. Most reef keepers use a simple swing arm hydrometer to measure salinity, but eventually you May want to consider a more accurate device such as a refractometer. Once the water in the tank, you will want to place and plug in your power head.


The next step is to add your live rock. Live Rock comes in two ways, cured or uncured. When live rock is removed from the ocean is full of marine life. The future of transportation, some of this marine life will start to die off. The process of drying of solid rock that fail to complete the process before you add it to your tank. Adding uncured LR in your tank can cause a spike in ammonia. Usually, such a class is desirable, but when starting a new tank, it can help in cycling tank - More on "cycling" in the moment


You can use any live rock or, if you want to save money, you can use 20% live rock and 80% of the base rock. The base rock is porous carbonate rocks on the basis of which is or is not in the ocean or the reef tank, or but has since been removed. If you go this route, just remember that it will take time for your base rock will become home to the macro-and micro-organisms commonly found in solid rock. After a period of time, the base rock and live rock will be different.


After the live rock in place, your tank will begin to cycle. Cycling is the process by which bacteria are found in your tank. If you add sufficient amounts of live rock, your tank is essentially already passed, but if you add live rock or just add a small amount, you will need the assistance process. In any case, you need to provide a food source for bacteria - namely ammonia. If you are using LR rock cycle your tank, you can add a few hardy fish to provide a source of ammonia. People often use damsels to the task, but please keep in mind that the maids can be very aggressive towards other fish and are also extremely difficult to remove from the tank with lots of rockwork.

After the live rock in place, your tank will begin to cycle. Cycling is the process by which bacteria are found in your tank. If you add sufficient amounts of live rock, your tank is essentially already passed, but if you add live rock or just add a small amount, you will need the assistance process. In any case, you need to provide a food source for bacteria - namely ammonia. If you are using LR rock cycle your tank, you can add a few hardy fish to provide a source of ammonia. People often use damsels to the task, but please keep in mind that the maids can be very aggressive towards other fish and are also extremely difficult to remove from the tank with lots of rockwork.


Question: What do I do now (Am I ready to add fish )?

A: before you can add any fish, corals, or invertebrates in your tank, be sure to thoroughly investigate your options to purchase before bringing him home. You will find that many creatures are not compatible with each other or May you find beautiful fish only to discover that the voracious eating coral. Many reef keepers find helpful compiled a list of compatible fish and coral - the ones that will live in harmony with each other, are well suited to your tank size and lighting. Make sure to list with you whenever you go to a local fish store (LFS), so it will not be tempted to be inappropriate at the time of purchase. Also remember that you add more fish to go at the last territorial and less aggressive fish can establish the category.

When looking for advice on the various LFS should be aware that just because someone working in a pet store or fish, does not mean that they know what they are talking about . It seems to be especially true of large retail chains. Unfortunately there are those out there that will allow you to make smart purchase just so they can make a sale.

Although the topic is not covered here, I strongly encourage you to do some research on setting up quarantine tank . quarantine tank is used to monitor your new stock for a few weeks to make sure they are disease-free before adding to your main tank. It is much easier to treat the disease in quarantine tank than the one full of corals and other vulnerable animals. One final tip that is especially true in this hobby, "Patience is a virtue." Take your time and make sure you make informed decisions from the very beginning, and this will help avoid unnecessary loss of livestock, as well as cost savings


I hope you find this information useful and have a better grasp on exactly what is included in this wonderful hobby.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Disney's Epcot Center?

Translating ...




France Pavilion is home to the boulangerie patisserie offering assorted sandwiches, gourmet quiches, decadent French pastries and a choice of beverages. If you prefer a Mexican, you can venture into La Cantina de San Angel, which serves food such as Southwestern nachos, tacos, burritos and tortillas. You can even order a frozen margarita, if you want. For beer-lovers, Kringle Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway offers Norweigian influence of fast food, including smoked salmon sandwiches. You can also order a beer here. Beer drinkers will love the Sommerfest in the German Pavilion. Here you can snack on Bratwurst, hot dogs and, of course, beer. Yakitori House in Japan pavilion is modeled after the 16th century Japanese tea house and offers traditional dishes like beef sukiyaki, sushi, teriyaki chicken and curry rice. Lotus Blossom Cafe serves classic Chinese takeout favorites such as orange chicken, fried rice and egg rolls. For guests who want to experience American culture, visit the Liberty Inn, where you can chow down on chicken nuggets, hot dogs, hamburgers and salads. Choose from either indoor or outdoor patio furniture.


German Biergarten Restaurant is like Oktoberfest celebrations throughout the year where you can catch some fun and indulge in weinkraut, schnitzel, sauerkraut and more. Tutto Italia Ristorante in the Italy pavilion serves handmade Italian cuisine in an elegant fine dining atmosphere. A Tokyo Dining offers lunch and dinner in a modern Tokyo-themed restaurant that features items such as sushi, tempura and grilled steaks and chicken.

A unique and themed dining

A unique and themed dining


dining characters

Guests traveling with children will want to check out the Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall or the Garden Grill restaurant, where your favorite Disney characters will greet you at your desk. You'll get a chance to meet and greet with the Disney princesses and Chip 'n Dale while indulge in tasty food.

No matter what your culinary preferences, Walt Disney World Resort offers something please any palate. And best of all, you can eat every meal of the day in another country to get full of worldly experience.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

How To Set Up A Calcium Reactor In Your Aquarium

This is why calcium reactors are so important that it is used in aquariums. These reactors can produce calcium calcium in the tank continuously for the required level of precision so that the optimal conditions maintained. Calcium reactors will use carbon dioxide that is given off as a waste product into the tank and generate calcium, which can be useful in several ways for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

the following two important ways in which calcium reactors have become essential for the aquarium.

    the most prominent advantage of using a calcium reactor is that they maintain the pH value of water. pH value of water must be maintained in a neutral state, but if the level changes, then the water can become too acidic or too alkaline for the inhabitants of the tank. When calcium is released into the water, calcium reactors, it helps to stabilize the pH value and maintain it at optimal levels. algae that live in aquariums play an important role in the ecosystem of the closed container. They are useful for food of organisms in your reef tank. For example, some of these algae can help corals in your tank with your diet, creating mutual benefit relationship with them. However, algae, particularly algae that grow on corals, require calcium to survive. Calcium reactors to help meet this need.
Setting up the aquarium calcium reactor is very simple, and you can do it yourself referring to the DIY guide. Calcium reactors are set to assemble several components. Here is a list of the different components that must be made​​: -

    Carbon dioxide cylinder - Carbon dioxide is available in pressurized cylinders. It is present in refillable bottles. It is attached sheets for the aquarium, so you do not accidentally fall. Calcium carbonate medium - the medium is kept within the calcium reactor and it gets dissolved in the tank. dissolution is controlled by pH values ​​that are placed inside reactors. These calcium carbonate media are different compounds that contain CaCO-3 in them, such as calcite, for example. They slowly allowed to dissolve in a mailbox. solenoid valve - electromagnetic valve as a switch that is used to allow carbon dioxide flux in a reactor. It is usually connected between the cylinder of carbon dioxide and the main reactor. Another way the merger is to attach it to the pH controller, and then put the probe into a reactor. pumps - will have to pump water into the reactor feed. attaching the pump will depend on the type, but the pump connection must be such that proper circulation of water takes place in reactor.

The Different Types of Saltwater Aquariums

marine fish tanks will almost always be less dense than their colleagues because saltwater freshwater species tend to be larger and more sensitive to space limitations. Most marine fish are caught from their natural habitat in the wild, they are bred tank will be easier to maintain. Wild fish tend to be more stressed Because they introduce a new, different environment. The new fish will have a hard time eating. It is good practice to buy your fish from reputable sources to make sure that you are getting high quality copies of which were treated properly.

the simplest form of saltwater aquarium fish only tank. There are two different kinds of fish, tropical and cold water. These species are not compatible in the same tank, because they require different water temperatures. Tropical fish are well known and are usually more attractive due to its more colorful. Most people can recognize Angel fish and clown fish.

Some choose to keep the aquarium consists exclusively of invertebrates. This will include shrimp, crabs, starfish and other invertebrates. You can also combine both fish and invertebrates. The combination of two types of animals makes it harder to maintain than two separate species. type you select must be compatible with each other, because some fish can feed on some invertebrates, and vice versa. The research is the best way to prevent such occurrences. treatment and prevention of disease is also becoming increasingly troublesome in the fish-invertebrate aquarium.

Some choose to keep the aquarium consists exclusively of invertebrates. This will include shrimp, crabs, starfish and other invertebrates. You can also combine both fish and invertebrates. The combination of two types of animals makes it harder to maintain than two separate species. type you select must be compatible with each other, because some fish can feed on some invertebrates, and vice versa. The research is the best way to prevent such occurrences. treatment and prevention of disease is also becoming increasingly troublesome in the fish-invertebrate aquarium.


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A St. Croix Vacation

Part of the Caribbean jewel that is the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix makes a tropical adventure unlike anywhere else you can imagine. With its world-class recreational activities and beautiful beaches, all seeking a place to unwind and relax and enjoy the boundless beauty you will find a home in St. Croix was just what they need. Make your way to St. Croix for your next vacation getaway and soak in warm weather and abundant indoor and outdoor activities this beautiful island has to offer.

As the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix certainly has a lot of terrain to explore and experience. Dense forests make up a large part of the land, and although most vibrant rainforests are privately owned, you can head over to the west side of the island to enter a couple of acres of public land. Soak in the air that wafts the aroma of fruit with a light, listening to the sounds of the mountain doves overhead, and stroll along the trials as you see Tibet and mahogany trees. Before you are ready to move on, however, be sure to keep the sculpture from one of the local artists who work with trees so you can have a unique and thoughtful souvenir.

tour the whole island is a great way to start your holiday, so you can get a feel for the background and rich history that surrounds you. You can find the standing sugar mills, with their massive towers and factory chimneys, which are sugar and rum history that shaped the life and land on the island since the arrival of Christopher Columbus. To learn more about the history, head over to St. George Village Botanical Garden, which contains the ruins of a rum distillery, sugarcane plant, and buildings that were used to accommodate workers. Many plantation estates, especially in the west end of the island remained in the shadow of these sugar mills, so be sure to stop Plantation Estate whim to see one of greathouses defined by St. Croix's image.

For a memorable outdoor adventure, make your way to the island of Buck Reef National Monument is located just north of St. Croix. As the only underwater national park in the United States, visitors can enjoy a vibrant and stunning Elkhorn coral barrier reef for snorkeling or scuba diving booking a trip with one of the companies that do business with Christiansted. In the waters of Buck Island, you can swim in clean water in search of endangered species such as Least Terns and sea turtles make their way through the underwater marked trail near the eastern tip.

There are basically two cities on the island, Christiansted and Frederiksted, and each has a cultural heritage that simply can not miss for any visitor. Walk through Christiansted, visitors may be struck by the old world charm that emanates from the 18 century buildings of its Danish settlers. The European heritage is alive and well with red tile roofs, pastel colors, a cobblestone walkway that can be viewed on walking tours that take visitors past the waterfront. Frederiksted is located at the western end of the island and moves at a much slower pace than the more lively Christiansted. Here, visitors will find the Victorian architecture, fine restaurants and historic churches that remain from the days when he was a prominent shipping port.

For those who enjoy the white sand, warm tropical breezes, and clear ocean water, shelter, which sits directly on the beach are just what you need to rest in the Caribbean. There are many, not only with stunning views of the ocean, but also easy access to all the fun and excitement of beach has to offer. Whether you want to take a stroll at sunset on the beach or soak in the hot sun St. Croix, all you need to do is take a few steps outside the backdoor and there waiting for any possible boardwalk adventure. For the ultimate in amenities and beautiful surroundings, consider St. Croix oceanfront rental experience truly unforgettable holiday island.

Maintaining A Reef Aquarium's Size And Its Inhabitants

saltwater aquarium purchase should depend on several key factors. One of the key factors to a large extent depends on how well you maintain an aquarium without going over budget, and how well you can keep up with tank water chemistry and maintenance. Another key factor is dependent on what the residents really want to keep in an aquarium. If you decide to keep fish in a saltwater aquarium should research the fish you want to keep before you purchase an aquarium to house them in.

Having regard to the marine aquarium hobby is the most expensive, so proper planning can save a lot of time and money. Deciding what size aquarium you want to buy should be based on whether or not you want to keep a large fish or large invertebrates. The higher the larger aquarium maintenance fees will be.

the first crucial factor depends if you're on a tight budget. You have to take into consideration that you will need an aquarium, skimmer, lights, pumps, test, salt and solid rock. The larger the aquarium the more money you spend on the above items. initial purchase and setup will be costly and time consuming, but remember that the constant maintenance of the aquarium will be costly as well. You have to factor into your monthly expenses run your tank when you do your research for your aquarium. These monthly costs should include electricity, food, water and salt accounts. larger tank have more salt and water you will need to do weekly water changes.

Another key factor when planning your saltwater aquarium is the size of the population want to keep. If you want to keep several kinds of tangs, then you will need to have a tank that is at least one hundred liters. If you are planning a reef tank then you need to think about the corals and anemones are likely. Several species of anemones, such as carpet anemones need a lot of space. You can plan on a smaller tank to save on maintenance fees and have some nice fish, such as clown fish, gobies and blennies. These smaller fish do not require much space to swim, but if you are in a small aquarium should be located with plenty of other fish and several species of blennies and gobies will live together in peace. smaller aquarium can house many types of coral, but be sure to research your purchases as well as some types of coral can and will use chemical warfare on the other corals. Large polyp stony coral has sweeper tentacles that can harm nearby coral, coral Galaxy is a good example of aggressive LPS.

research plays a key role in initiating and planning a saltwater aquarium. Many fish need to be introduced at certain times during the beginning of a saltwater aquarium to avoid the dominance hierarchy and to prevent overloading and a mini-cycle. Fish should not be introduced at once, unless you introduce mated pair. Make sure you follow the water chemistry in the introduction of the introduction of new aquarium inhabitants.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Guide For Setting Up Saltwater Aquariums (Parts II & III)

What equipment is needed?

Now that we are comfortable with the basic factors of a saltwater aquarium, let's look at what it takes to run a successful tank. components needed to run a successful saltwater tank depends a lot on who you talk to. You should never act only under the advice of one person. For example, many people advocate using under gravel filters for biological filtration. This, however, must be imbued with wisdom. salt water tank running under gravel filter (UGF) with minimal circulation will be much more work than than the system running the wet / dry filter and a pair of power head. Wet / Dry filters tend to require less maintenance, as UGF's tend to become clogged over time.

not too buried in details, the basic components of saltwater tank are as follows:

Tank Decorations filtration (including protein skimming), lighting the water test kits

Container size

One of the most important decisions in starting a saltwater aquarium will be the size of the container. basic rule is the higher the better. larger tank will be easier to control and gives a little more freedom for error (which is inevitable). The smallest tank for beginners should not be less than 20 liters, 55 liters is even better. For someone versed in the fish line (ie, converting from fresh saline), 10 or 15 gallon tank will work, but it is not suggested. Generally, fish like long, wide tanks. more surface area a tank has a better exchange of gas will be the happier the fish will be.

Fish Density

before finalizing on a tank size, remember that fish densities were significantly lower than sea water. That is, you can not put more fish in the saltwater tank as you can in a freshwater tank. Putting more than 2 saltwater fish in 10 gallon tank is asking for trouble. A general rule of thumb is 4 "(10cm) of small and medium fish per 10 liters, or 2" (5cm) larger / fast growing fish per 10 liters. This is only a rough estimate of the number of fish. There is no exact number, because the density of the findings must take into account the filtration, maintenance, feeding schedule, etc.

after the number of fish you want to keep, the tank size will also affect your filtration and lighting choices, both in price and design. Containers that are 48 inches (122 cm) long are usually cheaper to light because the lamps are available. However, a larger tank, more light, you will need to give your residents. Moreover, the larger the container has an effective filtering system that would be successful. good size tank is around 55 liters. As a note, consider carefully the hood. Many of them are designed for 48 "tanks, but require two 24" lamps rather than one 48 "lamp. (24" lamps are usually more expensive than 48 "lamps .)

<] P] Avoid direct sun exposure

Once you have decided on a tank, be sure to have a place to put it. tank may not be in direct sunlight or in a space that is very drafty. Also, make very certain the stand will be able to hold the weight of the tank, plus substrate, plus rocks, plus water. In total, 55 gallon tank will probably weigh over 800 pounds.



After selecting the tank, consideration must be given to the foundation. It is best to use a limestone base, such as crushed coral or dolomite. These primers will, initially at least, help buffer the water by adding ions to buffer the system. Generally the substrate should not be so small as to be sucked into the filter or pump, and not as big as the tank unsightly. Also, some fish (eg, Gobies) like the smaller classes of substrate over larger ones. Something about 2-5mm department seems average. Live sand is one substrate that has recently received a fair amount of publicity. This technology is really in its infancy and is not recommended for beginners. You can find more information in the archive.

Filtration System

Once you select a background, consider a filtration system to use. Your choice in filtration rate may affect the amount that you need a foundation. UGF or RUGF filter should have about 2-3 "(5cm), medium grade (2-3mm) substrate covering the filter plate. You do not need substrate when you use non-UGF filters (for example, hang-on-the-back power filters), but most people use between 1 / 2 "to 1"for such tanks. It is interesting to note that too much substrate in a non-UGF system might lead to deadlocks, which can kill your inhabitants (a plug for regular gravel cleaning).

Decorating Then, consider the decorations, one of which is a cornucopia of choice. Dead coral, lava rock, tufa rock, live rock, and much more. Coral pieces are the most popular, but also some of the most expensive. Lava and tufa rock are inexpensive and can be stacked to make interesting reef looking tanks. Live rock is one of those buzz words that people like to throw around and one that gets a lot of hype. Live rock is simply rock taken from the reef system, which was inhabited by many different organisms.

Costa Rica: Health Care Is in the Air


This is very famous among travelers for medical tourism, eco-tourists and sun worshipers. Famously known as "the jewel of Central America", a small country offers a stunning home health services and infrastructure demonstrates potential medical tourist traffic every year. While most medical tourism destinations are not eligible for vacation, Costa Rica is not only a medical destination, but many prized tourist destinations, as well.

of modern hospitals and standard medical care

Every year thousands of Americans participate in health care facilities here, drawn by state of the art medical facilities, high quality warm personalized attention to each patient and a wide range of procedures available at reasonable prices. Treatment here is usually about 30 to 40 percent cheaper than in the U.S. and no one has to wait their turn for surgery.

Furthermore, to ensure that patients receive the utmost care and attention to their needs, the hospital arranges international department staff to coordinate with the patients to achieve a comprehensive VIP health facilities.

country homes of highly trained doctors, surgeons, a high-quality health care. Plastic surgeons in Costa Rica is particularly recognized for outstanding leadership and expertise in the conservative treatment for more complex cosmetic surgery. They are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, guaranteed training on par with U.S. counterparts. They bring extensive experience in specialized procedures ranging from breast reconstruction procedures for eyebrows and face lift, liposuction and abdominoplasty (also known as a tummy tuck ).

plastic surgeons in Costa Rica has the potential to increase the beauty and wellness to correct anomalies or problems caused by different situations.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Top International Beaches

Beaches have always been known for its beauty and peace. Listed below are some of the famous beaches in the world.

Anguilla, Caribbean: Anguilla is even, low-lying island of coral and limestone in the Caribbean Sea, located east of Puerto Rico. Anguilla is especially famous for its spectacular coral reefs, colorful fish and stingrays. Anguilla is a tropical dry climate moderated by northeast trade winds. This 16 mile stretch of the island has a total of 33 beaches all open to the public. Anguilla is one of the most popular destination for the rich and wealthy. This island is very famous among the celebrities, so this place is very expensive. The best season for visiting Anguilla is from December to April, when tourism is at its peak. Book your reservations well in advance to avoid rush as most places are closed from rujna to October.

Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona is located on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, facing the Mediterranean Sea and has many beaches that are clean, safe and attractive. It has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers. This city has a total of seven beaches that stretch up to 4.5 km along the coast. Sant Sebastia and Barceloneta Beach are the largest, oldest and most popular beach in Barcelona. Nova Icaria, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella, Llevant are other beaches in Barcelona.

Bora-Bora French Polynesia: Bora Bora, located about 160 kilometers northwest of Tahiti and approximately 2,600 kilometers south of Hawaii, is arguably one of the most beautiful and magical island. This island has many private beaches, exotic hotels and there are lots of other adventure activities such as scuba diving, shark feeding dives, diving and other water sports.

Fernando de Noronha - Brazil: Fernando de Noronha is composed of 21 islands located on the Atlantic Ocean that extends up to 354 km at sea from the Brazilian coast. This island is one of the best, unspoiled beaches and beautiful in the world. You can participate in many under-water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, diving, surfing and more.

Cumberland Island, America: Cumberland Island extends up to 17.5 miles and it is rich in natural resources such as ancient sea turtles, sand dunes, salt marshes and forests. Cumberland Island is a nature paradise with all three put together ecosystems - beaches, forests and wetlands. Only 300 visitors are allowed on this island, and the best time to visit is from March to November. If you want to spend time alone with his family, away from the hustle and bustle, then Cumberland Island is the place for you.

However, it is very difficult to get all the best beaches in the world. other beaches that might interest you -

America's Top Beaches:

- Clearwater Beach
- Laguna Beach
- Little Palm Island
- Shi Shi Beach
- South Beach
- Trunk Bay Beach
- Punalu'u Beach
- Hawaii Beaches

Atlantic Ocean Beaches

- La Gomera, Canary Islands
- Essaouira, Morocco
- Algarve, Portugal
- Grayton Beach, Florida

Malaysian Beaches

- Datai Beach, Langkawi Island
- Long Beach
- Redang Island
- Turtle Beach & Golden Beach

Croatia Beaches

- Honda Bay
- White Beach
- Muelle Bay
- Alona Beach

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Shark Attacks and How to Avoid Or Survive Them

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Translating ...

I've been fascinated with sharks since I was a child. Special Shark attacks on divers. Hans and Lottie Hass and Ron and Valerie Taylor are my heroes. I'll never forget when Valerie small shark bite. Surprisingly quiet she climbed back on the ship showed her injuries cameraman. It was a shocking gash and blood literally pumped from it.


There were other situations in which the shark, let him examine me and every time it is right adrenalin. It was the shark dive in the Bahamas that the potential for serious injury is proved. Dive Master us a briefing before the shark food and some groups are not listening enough respect. He stopped talking, rolled up his suit to reveal where the piece was taken out of the hands. It is stomach turning, and while he insisted that he did not blame sharks, his point was made ​​in the most memorable way. So some memorable divers changed his mind and refused to dive that day.


If a shark approaches, remain calm as possible. Sharks are curious creatures and will often investigate then leave without incident.

If the shark becomes aggressive, maybe rushing at you, back hunched with his pectoral fins down - as soon as you exit the water. maintain eye contact at all times as experts say that direct eye contact can discourage the dog from attacking you and ride with your partner, friend back to back.

If the climb is not possible, position yourself against the cliffs or structures that may be available, so the only shark that can be accessed from the front.

, but the vast majority of divers do not see a shark attack before it strikes. It is dangerous and foolish to assume that just because you can not see any sharks swimming close to them there in the area.

In some cases, attacks shark diver will strike only once, causing a devastating bite, letting the victim bleed and weaken. Only then will it return to devour its prey. Stealth and surprise are your greatest weapon as the shark May only have one chance to bite divers. For a diver realizes that is bitten, survival mode kicks in and he will do everything possible to escape from a shark.

So, if the worst happens and you are attacked, fight back as forcefully as you can. To refuse to use anything you have May, cameras, dive knife, torch, speargun, or hands, if nothing else is available. eyes and gill openings sharks are very sensitive - to push or claw these areas and trying to inflict damage


After the shark let go, exit the water as fast as you can and be aware that with an aggressive shark attack is likely to repeat.

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Charter Yacht: Going Green With Caribbean Sailing

through the Caribbean island nation to earn their livelihoods from travelers who come to enjoy the natural assets the sea, sand and sun that make this area of the world truly spectacular paradise destination. Unfortunately, the ocean surrounding the island and jewels, which was once considered inexhaustible and resilient, in fact, finite and fragile. The good news is that now more and more visitors relating to sustainable travel, carbon offsets and reducing carbon emissions in the travel industry. As a traveler, you always have the possibility of choice about how they affect the areas you visit. Perhaps the most environmentally friendly home can take on a Caribbean sailing charter yacht.

through the Caribbean island nation to earn their livelihoods from travelers who come to enjoy the natural assets the sea, sand and sun that make this area of the world truly spectacular paradise destination. Unfortunately, the ocean surrounding the island and jewels, which was once considered inexhaustible and resilient, in fact, finite and fragile. The good news is that now more and more visitors relating to sustainable travel, carbon offsets and reducing carbon emissions in the travel industry. As a traveler, you always have the possibility of choice about how they affect the areas you visit. Perhaps the most environmentally friendly home can take on a Caribbean sailing charter yacht.


While sailing hobby green, we all have impacts on the environment. There are many steps that can be taken with a charter yacht, either through a database or charterers charter yachts themselves, maintain a high quality water and local environments of the Caribbean ".

While sailing hobby green, we all have impacts on the environment. There are many steps that can be taken with a charter yacht, either through a database or charterers charter yachts themselves, maintain a high quality water and local environments of the Caribbean ".

Although the yacht charter bases and marines doing their part, it's really up to you to be the most eco-friendly charterer and reduce the impact of race on the environment. To ensure that your sailing charter yacht remains the ultimate green activity, consider the following:

1 Always considering the nature around them. Watch and enjoy the natural beauty of the Caribbean without causing damage. Be very careful when snorkeling and diving the coral reefs. One shot out of your fins can destroy hundreds of years of coral growth. Do not touch fragile organisms with your body or equipment. And pick up after yourself-always check the trash before leaving the island.

2 Consider booking charter yachts with alternative energy systems. Many boat builders now design charter yachts that are eco-friendly. Several charter yachts are now installing wind generators and solar panels to charge the ship systems. These help reduce the time required to run the engine for charging the battery. Check with your charter yacht broker for the availability of "green" ships.

3 Reduce your carbon footprint. Open the hatch and side vents, and use natural ventilation for comfort. Part of the pleasure Caribbean sailing charter yacht is a constant trade winds that provide plenty of fresh air. If you run the generator all the time, or all night for the air-conditioning, you create lots of pollution.

4 Control of the amount of garbage you create. Since recycling is often considered too expensive, rubbish on the islands usually ends up in landfills that affect the beauty of the environment, you've come to enjoy, not destroy. So, limit the amount of garbage you create. Avoid taking plastic board, such as the six-pack rings, plastic bags, disposable plates, cups and cutlery. Bring reusable bags when shopping instead of the provision of collecting plastic bags from shops. Instead of buying cases of water in small plastic bottles, buy the gallon jugs of water and buy a souvenir plastic cups for each person on board. It uses less plastic and produces less carbon dioxide.

5 Providing green. Think about the products that you buy and buy less polluting products that help preserve the environment for future generations to enjoy. Many shops in the Caribbean sells cleaning products under the brand, "seventh generation" or "Ecover" that will not harm the water if you end up there.

6 Garbage. Never throw rubbish, including food, more. Fish and other marine life can not utilize our food properly. Human food changes their natural feeding behavior, changing the balance of nutrients to the ridge, and distorts the natural predator-prey interactions. Stow all loose items such as plastic bags so you do not end in the sea. Although cigarette butts may appear small and insignificant to some, they are definitely not! They can last up to five years on the beach or in the ocean, and are deadly to marine creatures to be confused with food. Although some of the islands may charge a small fee per bag, always throw garbage in certain areas or only with trash pick-up ships.

7 Water toys. Although the fuel-driven water sports can be fun for some, they use up carbon credits, and can cause noise pollution. There are so many other water toys available on your Caribbean sailing charter yachts that do not use fossil fuels. Consider trying kayaks, sailingdinghies, windsurfers, kite boards, snorkel equipment, mats and floating.

There is no finer way to relax, sit back and do something good for your soul, than to take a vacation in the Caribbean. crystal clear water, palm-fringed sandy beaches, gentle trade winds and a laid-back vibe of the Caribbean is really good for you. We all have a responsibility to ensure that we do everything in our power to protect the natural values ​​of the island. There is no doubt that one of the most environmentally friendly ways to spend time in the Caribbean aboard a yacht sailing.

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Beijing Aquarium - Immerse Yourself in the Mysteries of Marine Life

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carved in the shape of whelk and painted in shades of blue and orange is home to more than 1000 species of marine life in northwest Beijing, in the Beijing Zoo. The Aquarium is divided into seven segments and provides a comprehensive understanding of the marine creatures.


of the tunnel continues to known as the 'miracle of coral reefs', where the ornamental fish from around the world to swim over and around people as they pass. A passage leads people to 'Shark Hall found that the notoriously wild ocean animals can be trained. Visitors have the opportunity to watch the shark dancing and feed them or watch them dive. The next pavilion, known as 'Rare Chinese Sturgeon Hall' house sturgeons, one of the oldest group of bony fish, which are now somewhat compromised because of their sensitivity. they see in an aquarium specifically from the river in China.

Next is the 'whales and Globefish Bay, where killer whales, dolphins and sea lions live in perfect harmony. Having concluded its journey through the display of marine life, enter into' Ocean Theatre ', where dolphins perform more elegant Ballet and trained sea lions imitate seals.

If you love the sea, or you want your children to have an experience of a lifetime, Beijing Aquarium is bound to be a choice. Finding will be a difficult task, even for those who used the Grand class wealth. Shangri La Hotel Beijing is proud to offer a world class example of the Far Eastern hospitality.

Luxurious Sharm El Sheikh Hotels

Sharm el Sheikh is a city and administrative center of Egypt. It is located near the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula - the coastal strip between Mount Sinai and the Red Sea. It is considered as the "city of peace", according to many international peace conferences that are held here. The city is also a former port, although commercial shipping has been greatly reduced over the years because of strict environmental laws. the main industry now relies on domestic and international tourism. In addition to several Sheikh hotels are set up to accommodate the increasing number of tourists going to the city for vacation.

In addition to dramatic lansdscape, Shiek is known for its year round temperate and dry climate and a long stretch of natural beach. Throughout the year, its waters are calm and clear. In fact, it has become a popular place for various kinds of water sports, particularly recreational scuba diving and snorkeling. With a wide selection of marine and offshore, as well as coral reefs, diving and snorkeling activities are considered the best in the world at Sheikh waters. Scuba divers from around the world, go to this city again and again to experience its spectacular underwater scene.

There are many hotels in the nearby Sheikh Red Sea you can choose from. Other activities of beach-seekers will love include kite surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, boating, parasailing and more. For divers, Ras Mohammed is the best place to visit. This is South Sinai is a national park which is located at the top of the Sinai Peninsula. It has some of the most popular diving the Red Sea. It features a pounding power, deep reef walls and stunning coral gardens.

Luxury Hotels in Sharm el Sheikh

Sheikh Hyatt Regency - This accommodation is situated opposite the Sheikh Na'ama Bay. It faces many prime diving sites. Even the airport is in close proximity, about 10 kilometers.

This facility offers waterfront luxury spa, fitness center, tennis courts and basketball courts. It also has a center for water sports accommodations for diving activities in the Red Sea. Other amenities include a swimming pool complex with whirlpools, slides, rivers and waterfalls, four restaurants serving Thai, International, Mediterranean and a variety of grilled dishes, Azure Lounge with sun terrace, poolside bar, music bar and business center for business and private meetings.

Hyatt Regency offers 439 luxuriously appointed rooms with terrace or balcony for nice view. Each room is equipped with a southern Mediterranean design, high speed Internet access, Egyptian cotton linens, marble bathrooms with walk-in shower and much more.

at the Hilton Sharm Waterfalls - This is one of the best Sheikh hotels you can book in. It offers a wide range of amenities such as coffee / tea, air conditioning, mini bar, satellite TV, spacious bathrooms with hair dryers , balcony and much more. It has four restaurants on site, and Verdi's Bistro, La Cascade and Zahle and the Island pool bar and restaurant in


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Top Six Facts Why Barbados is the Perfect Caribbean Holiday Destination

Reason # 1: Breath-taking scenery

Reason # 1: Breath-taking scenery


Reason # 2: flavorful blend of tropical foods

mouth watering, flavorful and exotic food will certainly be one of the island's major attractions. If you have a mind bending journey of food taste, then pack your bags, put on your best clothes and the Caribbean, make your way to your local restaurants.

Among their famous delicacies of the island is their national dish called cou cou and flying fish. Although their names may sound a little strange, I'm pretty sure that the taste of heaven. The first is a distinctive blend of corn and okra mixed with salt, pepper, tomato and delicious hot sauce. Meanwhile, Flying Fish is a common fish species thriving in the waters around the island. Whether it is served steamed or fried, this recipe is sure to make you crave for more.

Reason # 3: Big time

One important thing that travelers and tourists have in mind in choosing a fantastic get-away travel time. Barbados is the eastern most of the Caribbean islands. It was sunnier and drier compared to many other islands. A fresh breeze, warm sun, and sufficient rainfall is what makes this island the best for relaxation and provides soothing comfort of any person would love.

You sure you have fun basking in the sun, having a great time at the beach and enjoying other outdoor activities during the month of December to June. As far as the island called wet season, some brief rain showers are expected to arrive around July to November. Most of the rain showers on the island do not last long. They just come and go for a quick period to freshen things up a bit.

Reason # 4: Superb nightlife experience

After the explosions throughout the day, waiting for what is in store at night. Ready with its reggae and Calypso beat, nightlife in Barbados is sure to give you a wonderful experience. Several restaurants and dining places abound in the area. Also, if youyou to taste more hip night outs ,you can opt for many bars and nightclubs along the St. Lawrence Gap and Bridgetown .

Reason # 5: The rich history and culture

with the British settlers and African influences, this island certainly has a rich cultural history. years of British presence in the area resulted in more influence on the island, as well as for its people. You can decide to discover, explore and appreciate the beauty of traditional architecture are apparent in the buildings and facilities in place.

Reason # 6: warm-hearted people

What to make the island a great place not only perks and fun of its natural beauty, but charm and hospitality of its people. Yes, this May will be one of the reasons why so many visitors keep coming back to the island and experience an exhilarating and soothing at the same time feel that they are on the island. Barbadians also sometimes commonly called Bajans are friendly and warm people. They are always ready to welcome visitors with a heart warming and sincere smile. These people will assure you meet the experience in this beautiful Caribbean island.

Indeed Barbados is the best destination for your planned weekend get-away. beautiful island, topped off with a tropical blend of the best nightlife, breath-taking scenery, perfect weather, rich history, mouth-watering tropical food and friendly people.

Rendezvous With Blue Face Angelfish

Divine his creations, all beautiful and all different from each other. God has painted everyone in a very unique style and a very convenient way. He made ​​the sky blue, earth brown and green and made ​​transparent, but must be due to blue sky, the sea absorbs shades of blue. In this deep blue sea live uncountable beautiful creatures, some green, some black, some red, some yellow and some blue. Among these is the blue one Blue Face Angelfish. Known as the best among the angelfish species, they are called by many names, Blue Face, Yellow, and Yellow Face Masked Angelfish.

As the name itself enunciates all this beauty does not need much introduction. Blue face angelfish has blue eyes with a yellow mask over the eyes and body a mixture of these two shades. body is well-textured and looks like a painter's color palette with the body starting from the blue, then yellow, next section gives the impression of yellow or white on a blue net body and the tail is yellow. It looks very attractive with its intense and vibrant shades.

This Blue Faced Angelfish are found in the Indo-Pacific, ranging from the Maldives in Vanuatu. They live in lagoons, reef slopes and channels with fertile algae growth. You can even find them in nearby caves and they love roaming all alone. Since they are large in size that they need a larger tank because of its enormous size, they grow about 15 cm. Unlike others, blue face angelfish sometimes get aggressive towards their own kind, only one angelfish should be kept per tank because of their length. Aggressive yet set, it just takes some time to adjust, even though they have become friendly after sometime.

Angelfish like to feast on the corals, invertebrates and sponges, they can be in the brine shrimp too. They are considered as major foodies, they can consume the pellets of frozen food. Be careful with the water quality for these fish, they find it difficult to tolerate nitrates and live with high levels of nitrate is just impossible. Not only nitrate, ammonia and nitrite should be at the lowest level. They want the best water temperature ranged from 26 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius and a pH level of 8.1 to 8.4 would be perfect. Aquarium must have rocks and plants and vegetation so that the blue face angelfish can get enough space to hide and swim. As this fish is aggressive and violent little, take care of the environment that do not provide a threat to fish and to put pressure on him.

Although it is known for aggressive violent behavior, but they are easy to maintain. Their vibrant and intense color make it an attractive and expensive. So, beware of this beauty, which the blue face angelfish is not a problem, you just have to be extra careful with him.

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Where to Stay While Heading to Kenya Itinerant?

Kenya is the most wanted and most popular tourist place is packed with tourists all the time. So book your flights to Kenya and particularly in the pre-peak season during the holidays or some events. Kenya is a range of tours available to meet the requirements of this rapidly developing sightseeing and many authoritative KV escorts are also available there to make your expedition extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Whether you like glittery beaches, soaring mountains, safari exploration, exciting water sports, amazing game reserves, historic towns, and vibrant coral reefs, Kenya is all in all, only flights to Kenya.

Kenya is the most wanted and most popular tourist place is packed with tourists all the time. So book your flights to Kenya and particularly in the pre-peak season during the holidays or some events. Kenya is a range of tours available to meet the requirements of this rapidly developing sightseeing and many authoritative KV escorts are also available there to make your expedition extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Whether you like glittery beaches, soaring mountains, safari exploration, exciting water sports, amazing game reserves, historic towns, and vibrant coral reefs, Kenya is all in all, only flights to Kenya.


Kenya Tourism is one of the best from Africa, through such a variety of panoramas and the surrounding area to choose from, you need to fly to Kenya with only the best accommodations to make your trip more enjoyable and hassle free. Nairobi Kenya is a famous city with a huge amount of international standard hotels, some of which are still in magnificent style. There you can have fabulous accommodation in a pretty cheap price. Hotels are graded according to requirements such as hotels for the holidays, country hotels, city hotels, etc. You can choose any of these according to your requirements and budget. A little-known hotels include the Hotel Inter Continental Nairobi Grand Regency Hotel, Safari Park Hotel & Casino, hotel Figs limited Greton Hotel, Mayfair Court Hotel, Nairobi and SixEighty Hotel Serena Hotel Lounges, etc. All of these hotels are equipped with modern amenities and welcomes your guests with a lot of heat.


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Winter Vacations For You

When your body is cold, the nose is sprouting icicles, then you are sure to decide it was time for some warm weather and winter holidays. Birds go south for the winter, so why not? Think about some warm and sunny place, consider taking some winter trips to warm up your body.

Antigua and Barbuda is a nice sunny place for you to consider to escape cold weather. Sand between the toes and skiing on the beautiful warm water will help to release those winter blues. There are more than 300 beaches that will offer relaxation and enjoyment that you need and want. Snorkel coral reefs, visit historical sites and relax. You'll enjoy visiting these beautiful islands in the winter or any other time of year.

Rio de Janeiro is still sunny and warm place that you May want to consider for winter holidays. From dancing all night to enjoy the place for sunbathing on the beach, there's tons for you to do and see in Rio. wanton festival "Carnival" is something that most people visit this part of the world, but there are plenty of activities to enjoy, even if you come at different times of the year. Fun, relaxing and getting away from it all are all achievable goals in Rio de Janeiro.

Perth, Australia is another place for you to check in for one of their winter holidays. There are many different activities for you to enjoy in Perth. From the desert to the ocean and more, you can enjoy many different things in Perth. Ride the waves, take a train ride, or explore King's Park. There is plenty to do in and around the city. If you're tired of being cold and brittle, then you'll want to consider Perth. King's Park, Swan River, Monkey Mia and all the places you'll want to consider visiting while you're in Perth.

Singapore is the city that you May want to think about one of your winter vacation. Singapore has four official languages​​, including English, so you're sure to find that you can understand or find someone who will help you understand and communicate with citizens in the country. Hot noodles are something you definitely want to try and there are other foods and try to see the sights, too. You'll have fun exploring the island city of Singapore in order to reduce winter depression.

What is a quick trip to the Sunshine State? There are many different things that you enjoy Florida, including Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and much more. If theme parks are not what you are looking for, then consider one of the many different beaches which are located in Florida. You'll be amazed at the different places you can visit in Florida that are located close to each other for your convenience. By the sun and heat you can imagine can be found in Florida. Nothing else haunted by the cold away as one of many of these winter trips!

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Somak - Spice of Life

spice of life

exotic, colorful and highly scented, Zanzibar the Spice Island, a place that thrives on its centuries-old relationship with the aroma of cinnamon, cloves and cardamoms. After extensive empire in the center of Monsoon trafficking routes and international commodity trading capital, Zanzibar still has a touch of mystery about it - making it perfect for a romantic interlude


Although the Zanzibar archipelago consists of islands and islets, most of them - Unguja - is confusingly known as the world .... Zanzibar. a separate state within Tanzania, Zanzibar is known as a place to flop on the beach after the excitement of the East African safari. Now a new night flight from Nairobi, combining the two makes it even easier - and quicker to hop on the beach


And what beaches! east coast is a long stretch of perfect white sand beaches - uncrowded, often remotely - led by hot aqua water color and interspersed with simple fishing village, where life goes on much as it did in the past. Under water coral reef provides a great backdrop for world-class snorkelling and diving. Above him, windsurfing, kayaking and state-of-the-art big game fishing are favorite holiday fun.

Zanzibar also has a rich culture - the best discovered on a trip to its capital, Stone Town, recently classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apparently only an ancient city in eastern Africa and is still rampant, stone town has changed very little since the 19th century. Winding streets and alleyways, taking the last of more than 500 richly carved doors, take you back in time and yet in a lot of places where people live and work. In this colorful, very fragrant maze, a veiled woman in a crowded noisy inexpensive craft and food shops.

away from the crowds inside the island is home to the fragrant spice plantations - a real assault on the senses. Exotic woods are fragrant with the delicate scent of ylang-ylang, jasmine and hibiscus and the heady scent of cloves and cardamoms, which provide the ingredients for which Zanzibar is spicy cuisine is based.

World's Coral Reefs Under Threat

"Twenty percent of the world's coral reefs are effectively destroyed or show no immediate prospects for recovery, " said the report, published on the first day of the United Nations environmental conference in Buenos Aires, which runs until 17 December

Status of Coral Reefs of the World 2004 also said that another "24 percent of the world's reefs are under imminent risk of collapse through human pressures, and further 26 percent are under long-term threat of collapse."

"the main threat to coral reefs in the making for the past ten years, coral bleaching and mortality associated with global climate change, " he said.

Bleaching is a mass death of corals caused by a sudden rise in ocean temperatures.

Even so, it said some reefs recovered sharply from the 1998 bleaching which seriously damaged 16 percent of all reefs worldwide, especially in the western Pacific and Indian Ocean.

"About 40 percent of the reefs seriously damaged in 1998 are either recovering well or have recovered,"the report said.'s report highlights issued in Bangkok in November.

said 1998 global warming has been most severe in 1 000 years, but is likely to happen about every 50 years in the future, mainly because of heat trapping gases into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels in cars, factories or power plants.

Corals are formed by the build-up of limestone skeletons left by tiny marine animals called polyps. graveyards can become giant structures like the Great Barrier Reef off Australia, colorful homes to thousands of species from sharks to seaweed.

The report said nations around the world should do more to reduce pollution, restrict fishing and fight to curb emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide to protect corals.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) environmental group, who participated in the report, urged governments meeting in Buenos Aires to set a target limiting rises in temperatures linked to global warming to 2 ° C.

"to save coral reefs, governments must reduce carbon dioxide emissions quickly, but also create marine protected areas,"said Simon Cripps, head of WWF's global marine program. Temperatures have risen by 0.6 ° C since the late 1800s.

The report said a huge success over the past five years was a strict protection than a third of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. United States is taking similar steps off Hawaii and Florida.

However, 75 percent of coral reefs in developing countries where human populations are rising rapidly and millions depend on reefs for food.

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Why Do Lots of People Go on a Holiday in Mauritius?

A lot of people go to Mauritius for the Mauritius holiday because the hotel is the best place to stay and has the most picturesque scenery. You'll enjoy every minute of your time here, everywhere you go will give you an adventurous experience and to fulfill your dream vacation.

In Mauritius, you will have an unforgettable holiday experience. They are highly recommended resorts such as Le Paradise, One & Only Le Saint Geran, Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa, One & Only Le Touessrok and Royal Palm Grand Baie. Should also not miss the experience at La Vanille Crocodile Park, where you can see a thousand Nile crocodiles, giant turtles, monkeys and bats.

They have an abundance of water sports such as parasailing, windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling, diving and many other sports. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the underwater world and see colorful fish and coral reefs. You May encounter other species on the dives that include dolphins, whales and turtles all graceful.

comes in Mauritius is a dream and you can have the desired privacy. Mauritius hotels offer the best accommodation and a private balcony where you can spend time to relax.

They have a lot of activity around the island. golf where you are sure enjoys playing golf. It's paradise and a great place to relax, ideal for beach lovers. Mauritius has everything you need, you can not ask for more. Once you step foot here you will not want to leave this place.

Types of Saltwater Fish Aquariums

saltwater fish aquariums are beautiful environments that bring the depths of the ocean in your family room or office. When you compare the saltwater fish in freshwater aquariums compared to notice immediately that, in general, marine aquariums have less fish than their freshwater counterparts. This is because the sea fish grow larger than freshwater fish.

One important fact to consider before building the aquarium is the source of your live fish. Marine fish are much more expensive, therefore, want to make sure you get the healthiest fish from the most reputable sources. It is also recommended to get your fish from breeders and suppliers who do not catch them from the wild. Fish that are captured in the wild are much more stressed and have a harder time getting used to life in captivity.

There are five different types of saltwater fish aquarium:

Fish only aquariums - This type of aquarium fish contain only, no other species of marine life present. For this reason, they tend to be easier to take care of. Within the classification of marine fish, there are two types: tropical and cold water. They can not coexist together, since the difference in water temperature. Tropical fish tend to be more colorful, and this is why you see more saltwater aquariums featuring tropical fish.

invertebrate only aquarium - This type of tank consists of invertebrate creatures only, no other species is present. Invertebrates are usually a hermit crab, shrimp, starfish, sea cucumbers and shrimp, just to name a few.

invertebrates and fish aquariums - This is a combination of the previous two aquariums. These types of aquariums are more difficult to maintain because some fish will feed on invertebrates, invertebrates and some fish will feed. You need to do enough research so that fish and invertebrates are put together in a tank will end up eating each other.

Coral reef aquarium - These types of aquariums are very nice, but very difficult to maintain. reef itself is a living organism, so you have to be well educated in the needs and demands of this kind of environment before you try to put one together.

Specialty aquarium - These types of aquariums will specialize in one type of marine life. For example, aquarium sea horses, or sharks, or even octopus. Each of these types of marine life, require very specific environments, so specialty tank is used for this purpose.

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Sipadan Diving: Exploring the Magical Marine Life of a Pristine Paradise

A Brief History


Despite the fact that the Sipadan diving are extremely popular as a tourist attraction, many people do not know all the details on this beautiful island of Malaysia.

It has been visited for many decades by people from all over the world, who wanted to see the pristine beauty of its wildlife and marine life. increased attention did not come without consequences. ecosystem of the island has become unstable, and some of the many species that it is situated over the years has become endangered.

Fortunately, many important steps have been taken over the years to protect this sensitive ecosystem. In 1933 Sipadan islands were turned into a bird sanctuary and, in 1960-has, important steps were taken to protect turtle eggs from being sold or traded. After 1990-it was revealed that building too many settlements started deteriorating reefs. This is the main reason why the settlement was later closed and Sipadan diving areas become much less accessible.

In 2004, the island became a national park in hopes of preserving the natural heritage for as long as possible.

coral reefs

Corals are the rainforests of the ocean. When considering marine life, many people just think about the huge variety of fish or marine mammals, but few are able to see the true value and beauty of coral reefs.

In many places in the world, including some of the Malaysian islands, reefs are seriously damaged in recent years, resulting in the loss of many rare species that depend on their integrity and structure.

Because of the vital measures to restrict access to Sipadan diving, coral reef, the islands are much better protected than men. That is why, in spite of global warming and other problems, the corals are now able to grow more freely and provide food for countless species of fish that inhabit it.

unique type


There are over 3000 species of fish of all shapes and sizes inhabit this beautiful underwater paradise.

Hundreds of small, colored species, like the clown fish and butterfly fish, move around coral reefs, attracting middle or even the larger species such as reef sharks or hammerheads. In many Sipadan diving spots, one can become mesmerized by the beautiful colors of all these species, some of which can be quite shy and sensitive. Lion fish and frog fish, as well as many other types of marine life can be seen only at night.

eels and jellyfish also appear from time to time, adding to the unique diversity of natural habitats, but perhaps the most fascinating animals were turtles. Although there are many kinds of turtles, green turtles are most abundant. Because of its large number, it becomes difficult to believe that most of these species is endangered.

It is clear that major efforts to preserve this beautiful natural heritage were all worth it. Sipadan diving are some of the most beautiful and diverse species of marine life in the world and, hopefully, they will remain so for a long time to come.

Interesting Facts About Jamaica

Jamaica is located in the northern Caribbean and its size is 4411 square meters. Its highest point is Blue Mountains.It has 14 parishes and a population of around 2.7 million. It is widely believed to be the most exotic tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Jamaica has several white sandy beaches dotting its coastline. This is the third largest in the Caribbean behind Cuba and Hispaniola. English is the official language, but each was familiar with Jamaica and speak the local dialect, jargon from time to time


Jamaica's motto is' one of many people. "ethnic groups are African, Afro-European, European, Chinese, East Indian, and Afro-East Indian Ocean. otoka─Źlan government is democratic and the British Commonwealth. Jamaica gained independence from Great Britain in August 1962.'s climate is mostly sunny throughout the year. rainy season in May and October. currency is the Jamaican dollar. One U.S. dollar will get about 85 Jamaican dollars.

Jamaica has some of the biggest stars in the world of musicians to the actors and sports personalities just to name a few. Some famous people from Jamaica, Bob Marley, Grace Jones, Usain Bolt, Jamaica Merlene Ottey I have beautiful beaches and attractions in the Caribbean has to offer and is one of the top destinations in the region.

Some things that Jamaica is known for:

    Reggae Music Jamaican Bob Sled Team The famous white beaches and coral reefs jerk sauce Blue Mountain Coffee

Visit Jamaica now get to learn about the rich culture and friendly people.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Caribbean Cruises Overview

Caribbean cruises are the most attractive for vacationers, and one need not be smart to rationalize this fact. The Caribbean is a rare gem among the oceans of the world. Caribbean Cruise Deals just a feature of most alternative investment or plan to stay two nights or two weeks or even longer journey. A typical 7 day cruise is a potentially fascinating enough flavor possibilities to 4 - 5 different islands are shown exclusive Caribbean.

has several Caribbean port of call, and each one is unique and beautiful many islands that include some of the world's most beautiful beaches and incomparable, the best shopping opportunities in the duty-free shops, a breath-taking crystal clear waters, pristine coral reefs and diverse and wonderful itineraries to follow are just some of the many reasons that my mother have the potential to divert any intentions of tourists to the Caribbean.

One of the key advantages of cruises to the Caribbean for Americans is the region's proximity to the mainland United States. Swimming in the Caribbean beaches is believed to be a very healing and provided as a general pick-me-up. The Caribbean is divided into three distinct sections namely the eastern Caribbean, western and southern Caribbean Caribbean relating to its similar characteristics. Stretching from South Florida to South America, the Caribbean is a once in a lifetime experience of time to discover the mysterious landscape. While the eastern Caribbean, tends to be more focused on the beaches and shopping, west tends to have more adventure-type activities and history.

Visual surprise is natural in the Caribbean, it comes with the landscape, and it showed with its seductive beauty, history, heaving melting. Embark on a journey to the Caribbean and the experience of fine cuisine, culture and spectacular panoramic views. Book the trip of a lifetime today and build everlasting memories!

The Most Dangerous Beaches Of The World


The U.S. magazine Forbes has made ​​a list of beaches in the world, where most resident sharks that are dangerous to human. This issue is related to the ISAF (International Shark Attack File). International Register of shark attacks fixes all known similar cases in the past 500 years.


* Australia (Brisbane)

* Australia (Brisbane)


Australia's coastal waters are full of sharks of all kinds. Most attacks happen on the east coast, while the south has more deaths. None of the beaches are absolutely safe.


* Florida (New Smyma Beach)


* California (Bolinas Beach)

sea to the north of San Francisco is teeming with seals and therefore with the sharks. Bolinas Beach is located in the heart of the so-called "red triangle", where a large amount of white sharks.

* Hawaiian Islands (Oahu)

According to ISAF, the island of Oahu in Hawaii takes second place to the number of shark attacks.

* Hawaiian Islands (Kahana, West Maui)

According to ISAF, 100 cases of sharks attacking humans have happened here since 1882, 33 of them - on the island of Maui


South Africa (Cozy Bay)

Some lakes connected together and run into the sea in a pleasant bay. Finding food is to the sharks swim in fresh water lakes and rivers rich in fish.

South Africa (Gansbaai ("Shark Street »)

The so-called "Street Shark" is a narrow passage between two islands in the sea in the small town of Gansbaai, east of Cape Town. Here you can meet one of the worlds' most types of white sharks.

South Africa (Umhlanga Rox, Kwazulu-Natal)

a popular South African village Umhlanga Rox is being protected from sharks through underwater network of the 60th.

Bahamas (Bahama Big)

Big Bahama Island had only four cases of attacks of 1749, but there is a so-called "Tiger Beach", a place with lots of sharks.

Brazil (Recife)

Brazil (Recife)


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Dream For Every Married Couple - Great Honeymoon Destinations

This is the dream of every newly married couple to spend some time with each other in a truly fascinating place. Some newly weds prefer a destination with white sandy beaches and secluded coves, while others prefer a honeymoon location with lush green meadows and majestic mountains. There are a variety of exotic locations around the world where you can truly enjoy a honeymoon with great thrill and excitement.

So, now let me tell you about some of the most gorgeous places and wonderful destinations that are just perfect for a honeymoon.

1 South Africa
This is a country of diverse landscape and colorful people. This country will offer all the elements that you will remember forever. Here you will find a wild safari, a nice city, nice restaurants, great landscapes, different national parks and relaxing beach. In every city in South Africa and would certainly find hotels of the world that will provide luxury-class services and facilities.

2 Cayman Islands
This place is just perfect for destination weddings, honeymoons and romantic getaway. At this point you can really enjoy a high standard of living with your beloved. Some of the best places are located in Little Cayman, Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

3 Turks and Caicos
You'll find one of the longest coral reef in the Turks and Caicos. Unlimited fun and adventure offered at this destination. Some of the high-class resorts and condos are located here, where you can spend some intimate moments with her husband. People who like water sports must choose this destination because you can enjoy scuba diving, kayaking and swimming.

4 Ireland
Majestic mountains, swift rivers, green meadows, a waterfall, luxurious hotels and beautiful beaches are some of the great features of Ireland. This land will surely make your trip worth remembering, because here you can really spend precious time with her lover.

5 Bora Bora-
Bora-Bora is a magical island in French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. It is a dream honeymoon destination for every couple, because here you will find the scenic landscape, quiet neighborhood, great nightlife and great recreational activities.

6 U.S. Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands will provide the best facilities and amenities. Special honeymoon suites and cottages are designed for all honeymoon couples, so they can spend romantic moments with others.

7 Italy
Italy is a country classic that is perfect for you if you are interested in a romantic and sophisticated experience with her husband. This is an amazing variety of buildings, museums and historical sights.

So these are some of the best honeymoon destinations to choose from for a romantic getaway or extended vacation.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Coral Calcium Side Effects Examined & Coral Calcium Explained

Most coral calcium side effects are very positive, which means that you will improve your health, including coral calcium as part of your healthy lifestyle.

before getting into any discussion about the effects of coral calcium side we should take a closer look at this important mineral for a better understanding of it's health.

You'll be interested to know about a man named Shigechiyo Izumi. At the time of this writing is in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest man on earth.

His current age is 115! How is that for a positive coral calcium side effects? Did not retire from work when he was 105 years old. He is still considered to be in very good health and is still physically active.

He was born and raised in Coral islands around Okinawa in Japan. His secret of long healthy life is a published medical tests to be the result of continuous daily intake of above sea coral calcium and more specifically Japan coral calcium.

area in which he lives is formed from coral reefs, which are chemical composition similar to bone in the human body. This is where "above sea coral calcium comes from. "Above sea coral calcium" is considered to be far superior to any other types.

Rainwater, of course, the thrill of these reefs, and is built up of different minerals and elements. water, thus becoming rich in essential vitamins and has a pH value between 7 and 8.5, indicating high alkalinity.

There are believed to be more than 2500 different species of corals around the world, but only this specific coral is said to have this unique health benefits for humans. This is where Japan coral calcium comes from.

Today, more than 4 million people in Japan, I noticed many encouraging coral calcium side effects and use above sea coral calcium on a daily basis.

Because of the many positive coral calcium side effects and health benefits reported, the intensive mining of Japan coral calcium began quite a number of years. It is backed by the Japanese government and monitored very carefully to ensure that no living coral is damaged.

Japan, coral calcium contains a unique extract from this specific coral reef, which is also rich in calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals.

Most of the resulting product is packaged in capsules, but the number of companies have improved bio-availability of coral calcium from Japan to leave it in the form of powder mixed with liquid.

can also be noted that when combining the above sea coral calcium with unique red and green phytonutrient mix some companies are able to drastically improve the beneficial effects of coral calcium side.

As you can see there really is no negative side effects of coral calcium.

above sea coral calcium, such as Japan coral calcium is full of trace minerals, the main of which are calcium and magnesium, which are critical for the proper functioning of the cells in your body.

Over the centuries, man has exhausted a lot of important micronutrients needed to sustain life. land used for growing our food is contaminated with industrial waste and not enough minerals to human body functioning properly.

These must be present in the soil are absorbed by fruits, vegetables and other edible natural foods that we need.

Another of the many positive coral calcium side effect is that it consists of 74 trace minerals that are naturally ionized, resulting in better absorption in the human body.

Hundreds of today's common diseases are associated with a lack of minerals, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, gall and kidney stones and arthritis. Above sea coral calcium helps dramatically in this area by providing the essential minerals needed for proper pH balance in your body.

under normal conditions of pH means potential hydrogen. It is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in the liquid. pH is measured on a scale of 14, 7 to Midway or neutral.

pH value below 7 being acidic and above 7 indicates alkaline. When the fluid is acidic, which is deprived of oxygen. Your body can only be considered free of disease, when the pH of body fluids is alkaline measuring between 7 and 8 on the pH scale.

normal blood pH value is between 7.35 and 7.45. If it falls below 6.8 or rises above 7.8, life can not survive.

More signs of positive coral calcium side effects: Coral calcium will help greatly to increase the amount of oxygen in the body resulting in an increased ability to throw away the toxic waste from the body

This waste builds up over time and can cause many health problems if not taken care of.

Finally, the only coral calcium side effects that most people will not notice referred to above sea coral calcium are helpful and positive coral calcium side effects.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hawaii in Winter - The Surf's Up on the North Shore

When the long winter nights are getting down and the cold seems to creep into your bones, you do not want just to get away? Maybe somewhere warm to have beautiful beaches and warm ocean water bath? Hawaii is the only place! While Hawaii is a great place to visit any time of year, winter is spectacular.

So what makes Hawaii so great in the winter? A little something called the North Shore. You may have heard of it? In winter the waves on the north coast, are just phenomenal! Surfers come from all over the world to experience the famous Bonzai Pipeline and other big surfing town on the northern coast. It is fascinating to watch the pros work the waves and surf Pipeline. On each day you can see dozens, sometimes hundreds of surfers hitting the waves.

But, remember, surfing on the North Shore is not for beginners! waves can be very dangerous and there is a coral reef lies just beneath the water. It would be very painful, if not catastrophic wave of pounds have you in the coral.

However, there are places where you can venture into the protected waters and snorkel or play. water in Hawaii is a hot tub and beautiful blue. It is so clear you can see at the bottom of this makes the perfect water playground! On the north coast are several bays, which are perfect for this activity. In the neighborhood of Turtle Bay Resort is a beach and snorkeling bay. water is quite shallow and it is protected from large waves. It is a good size bay space for lot of visitors. Make sure you bring shoes reef, the coral is very sharp on bare feet!

There are very many hotels to choose from on the North Shore than Turtle Bay Resort, but you can find quite a few condos for rent. Check Craigslist or do a Google search for North Shore condos. There are many great units for rent close to Turtle Bay Resort. You'll save money going this route, and since they include a kitchen you'll save on food as well!

While visiting, you must make sure to stop in one of the many shrimp Trucks will see. There are very few shrimp farms along the main highway between Laie and Turtle Bay, and there are old vans, which have been translated into a lunch wagon in its vicinity. You can get a plate of fresh shrimp cooked in different ways. Be adventurous and try something new, although I strongly recommend the garlic butter variety!

visit to the northern coast of Oahu is very different from the bustling life of Waikiki. While Waikiki is full of life and excitement, the North Shore is very relaxed and calm. However, I would recommend spending a few days in both places, so you can appreciate the difference.

a trip to Hawaii is a paradise on earth, and a trip to North Shore in winter is absolutely stunning! Start planning your trip now, you will not regret it.