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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hawaii in Winter - The Surf's Up on the North Shore

When the long winter nights are getting down and the cold seems to creep into your bones, you do not want just to get away? Maybe somewhere warm to have beautiful beaches and warm ocean water bath? Hawaii is the only place! While Hawaii is a great place to visit any time of year, winter is spectacular.

So what makes Hawaii so great in the winter? A little something called the North Shore. You may have heard of it? In winter the waves on the north coast, are just phenomenal! Surfers come from all over the world to experience the famous Bonzai Pipeline and other big surfing town on the northern coast. It is fascinating to watch the pros work the waves and surf Pipeline. On each day you can see dozens, sometimes hundreds of surfers hitting the waves.

But, remember, surfing on the North Shore is not for beginners! waves can be very dangerous and there is a coral reef lies just beneath the water. It would be very painful, if not catastrophic wave of pounds have you in the coral.

However, there are places where you can venture into the protected waters and snorkel or play. water in Hawaii is a hot tub and beautiful blue. It is so clear you can see at the bottom of this makes the perfect water playground! On the north coast are several bays, which are perfect for this activity. In the neighborhood of Turtle Bay Resort is a beach and snorkeling bay. water is quite shallow and it is protected from large waves. It is a good size bay space for lot of visitors. Make sure you bring shoes reef, the coral is very sharp on bare feet!

There are very many hotels to choose from on the North Shore than Turtle Bay Resort, but you can find quite a few condos for rent. Check Craigslist or do a Google search for North Shore condos. There are many great units for rent close to Turtle Bay Resort. You'll save money going this route, and since they include a kitchen you'll save on food as well!

While visiting, you must make sure to stop in one of the many shrimp Trucks will see. There are very few shrimp farms along the main highway between Laie and Turtle Bay, and there are old vans, which have been translated into a lunch wagon in its vicinity. You can get a plate of fresh shrimp cooked in different ways. Be adventurous and try something new, although I strongly recommend the garlic butter variety!

visit to the northern coast of Oahu is very different from the bustling life of Waikiki. While Waikiki is full of life and excitement, the North Shore is very relaxed and calm. However, I would recommend spending a few days in both places, so you can appreciate the difference.

a trip to Hawaii is a paradise on earth, and a trip to North Shore in winter is absolutely stunning! Start planning your trip now, you will not regret it.

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