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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Top Six Facts Why Barbados is the Perfect Caribbean Holiday Destination

Reason # 1: Breath-taking scenery

Reason # 1: Breath-taking scenery


Reason # 2: flavorful blend of tropical foods

mouth watering, flavorful and exotic food will certainly be one of the island's major attractions. If you have a mind bending journey of food taste, then pack your bags, put on your best clothes and the Caribbean, make your way to your local restaurants.

Among their famous delicacies of the island is their national dish called cou cou and flying fish. Although their names may sound a little strange, I'm pretty sure that the taste of heaven. The first is a distinctive blend of corn and okra mixed with salt, pepper, tomato and delicious hot sauce. Meanwhile, Flying Fish is a common fish species thriving in the waters around the island. Whether it is served steamed or fried, this recipe is sure to make you crave for more.

Reason # 3: Big time

One important thing that travelers and tourists have in mind in choosing a fantastic get-away travel time. Barbados is the eastern most of the Caribbean islands. It was sunnier and drier compared to many other islands. A fresh breeze, warm sun, and sufficient rainfall is what makes this island the best for relaxation and provides soothing comfort of any person would love.

You sure you have fun basking in the sun, having a great time at the beach and enjoying other outdoor activities during the month of December to June. As far as the island called wet season, some brief rain showers are expected to arrive around July to November. Most of the rain showers on the island do not last long. They just come and go for a quick period to freshen things up a bit.

Reason # 4: Superb nightlife experience

After the explosions throughout the day, waiting for what is in store at night. Ready with its reggae and Calypso beat, nightlife in Barbados is sure to give you a wonderful experience. Several restaurants and dining places abound in the area. Also, if youyou to taste more hip night outs ,you can opt for many bars and nightclubs along the St. Lawrence Gap and Bridgetown .

Reason # 5: The rich history and culture

with the British settlers and African influences, this island certainly has a rich cultural history. years of British presence in the area resulted in more influence on the island, as well as for its people. You can decide to discover, explore and appreciate the beauty of traditional architecture are apparent in the buildings and facilities in place.

Reason # 6: warm-hearted people

What to make the island a great place not only perks and fun of its natural beauty, but charm and hospitality of its people. Yes, this May will be one of the reasons why so many visitors keep coming back to the island and experience an exhilarating and soothing at the same time feel that they are on the island. Barbadians also sometimes commonly called Bajans are friendly and warm people. They are always ready to welcome visitors with a heart warming and sincere smile. These people will assure you meet the experience in this beautiful Caribbean island.

Indeed Barbados is the best destination for your planned weekend get-away. beautiful island, topped off with a tropical blend of the best nightlife, breath-taking scenery, perfect weather, rich history, mouth-watering tropical food and friendly people.

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