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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Most Dangerous Beaches Of The World


The U.S. magazine Forbes has made ​​a list of beaches in the world, where most resident sharks that are dangerous to human. This issue is related to the ISAF (International Shark Attack File). International Register of shark attacks fixes all known similar cases in the past 500 years.


* Australia (Brisbane)

* Australia (Brisbane)


Australia's coastal waters are full of sharks of all kinds. Most attacks happen on the east coast, while the south has more deaths. None of the beaches are absolutely safe.


* Florida (New Smyma Beach)


* California (Bolinas Beach)

sea to the north of San Francisco is teeming with seals and therefore with the sharks. Bolinas Beach is located in the heart of the so-called "red triangle", where a large amount of white sharks.

* Hawaiian Islands (Oahu)

According to ISAF, the island of Oahu in Hawaii takes second place to the number of shark attacks.

* Hawaiian Islands (Kahana, West Maui)

According to ISAF, 100 cases of sharks attacking humans have happened here since 1882, 33 of them - on the island of Maui


South Africa (Cozy Bay)

Some lakes connected together and run into the sea in a pleasant bay. Finding food is to the sharks swim in fresh water lakes and rivers rich in fish.

South Africa (Gansbaai ("Shark Street »)

The so-called "Street Shark" is a narrow passage between two islands in the sea in the small town of Gansbaai, east of Cape Town. Here you can meet one of the worlds' most types of white sharks.

South Africa (Umhlanga Rox, Kwazulu-Natal)

a popular South African village Umhlanga Rox is being protected from sharks through underwater network of the 60th.

Bahamas (Bahama Big)

Big Bahama Island had only four cases of attacks of 1749, but there is a so-called "Tiger Beach", a place with lots of sharks.

Brazil (Recife)

Brazil (Recife)


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