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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Shark Attacks and How to Avoid Or Survive Them

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I've been fascinated with sharks since I was a child. Special Shark attacks on divers. Hans and Lottie Hass and Ron and Valerie Taylor are my heroes. I'll never forget when Valerie small shark bite. Surprisingly quiet she climbed back on the ship showed her injuries cameraman. It was a shocking gash and blood literally pumped from it.


There were other situations in which the shark, let him examine me and every time it is right adrenalin. It was the shark dive in the Bahamas that the potential for serious injury is proved. Dive Master us a briefing before the shark food and some groups are not listening enough respect. He stopped talking, rolled up his suit to reveal where the piece was taken out of the hands. It is stomach turning, and while he insisted that he did not blame sharks, his point was made ​​in the most memorable way. So some memorable divers changed his mind and refused to dive that day.


If a shark approaches, remain calm as possible. Sharks are curious creatures and will often investigate then leave without incident.

If the shark becomes aggressive, maybe rushing at you, back hunched with his pectoral fins down - as soon as you exit the water. maintain eye contact at all times as experts say that direct eye contact can discourage the dog from attacking you and ride with your partner, friend back to back.

If the climb is not possible, position yourself against the cliffs or structures that may be available, so the only shark that can be accessed from the front.

, but the vast majority of divers do not see a shark attack before it strikes. It is dangerous and foolish to assume that just because you can not see any sharks swimming close to them there in the area.

In some cases, attacks shark diver will strike only once, causing a devastating bite, letting the victim bleed and weaken. Only then will it return to devour its prey. Stealth and surprise are your greatest weapon as the shark May only have one chance to bite divers. For a diver realizes that is bitten, survival mode kicks in and he will do everything possible to escape from a shark.

So, if the worst happens and you are attacked, fight back as forcefully as you can. To refuse to use anything you have May, cameras, dive knife, torch, speargun, or hands, if nothing else is available. eyes and gill openings sharks are very sensitive - to push or claw these areas and trying to inflict damage


After the shark let go, exit the water as fast as you can and be aware that with an aggressive shark attack is likely to repeat.

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