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Monday, 11 April 2011

Somak - Spice of Life

spice of life

exotic, colorful and highly scented, Zanzibar the Spice Island, a place that thrives on its centuries-old relationship with the aroma of cinnamon, cloves and cardamoms. After extensive empire in the center of Monsoon trafficking routes and international commodity trading capital, Zanzibar still has a touch of mystery about it - making it perfect for a romantic interlude


Although the Zanzibar archipelago consists of islands and islets, most of them - Unguja - is confusingly known as the world .... Zanzibar. a separate state within Tanzania, Zanzibar is known as a place to flop on the beach after the excitement of the East African safari. Now a new night flight from Nairobi, combining the two makes it even easier - and quicker to hop on the beach


And what beaches! east coast is a long stretch of perfect white sand beaches - uncrowded, often remotely - led by hot aqua water color and interspersed with simple fishing village, where life goes on much as it did in the past. Under water coral reef provides a great backdrop for world-class snorkelling and diving. Above him, windsurfing, kayaking and state-of-the-art big game fishing are favorite holiday fun.

Zanzibar also has a rich culture - the best discovered on a trip to its capital, Stone Town, recently classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apparently only an ancient city in eastern Africa and is still rampant, stone town has changed very little since the 19th century. Winding streets and alleyways, taking the last of more than 500 richly carved doors, take you back in time and yet in a lot of places where people live and work. In this colorful, very fragrant maze, a veiled woman in a crowded noisy inexpensive craft and food shops.

away from the crowds inside the island is home to the fragrant spice plantations - a real assault on the senses. Exotic woods are fragrant with the delicate scent of ylang-ylang, jasmine and hibiscus and the heady scent of cloves and cardamoms, which provide the ingredients for which Zanzibar is spicy cuisine is based.

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