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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Beijing Aquarium - Immerse Yourself in the Mysteries of Marine Life

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carved in the shape of whelk and painted in shades of blue and orange is home to more than 1000 species of marine life in northwest Beijing, in the Beijing Zoo. The Aquarium is divided into seven segments and provides a comprehensive understanding of the marine creatures.


of the tunnel continues to known as the 'miracle of coral reefs', where the ornamental fish from around the world to swim over and around people as they pass. A passage leads people to 'Shark Hall found that the notoriously wild ocean animals can be trained. Visitors have the opportunity to watch the shark dancing and feed them or watch them dive. The next pavilion, known as 'Rare Chinese Sturgeon Hall' house sturgeons, one of the oldest group of bony fish, which are now somewhat compromised because of their sensitivity. they see in an aquarium specifically from the river in China.

Next is the 'whales and Globefish Bay, where killer whales, dolphins and sea lions live in perfect harmony. Having concluded its journey through the display of marine life, enter into' Ocean Theatre ', where dolphins perform more elegant Ballet and trained sea lions imitate seals.

If you love the sea, or you want your children to have an experience of a lifetime, Beijing Aquarium is bound to be a choice. Finding will be a difficult task, even for those who used the Grand class wealth. Shangri La Hotel Beijing is proud to offer a world class example of the Far Eastern hospitality.

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