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Friday, 8 April 2011

Types of Saltwater Fish Aquariums

saltwater fish aquariums are beautiful environments that bring the depths of the ocean in your family room or office. When you compare the saltwater fish in freshwater aquariums compared to notice immediately that, in general, marine aquariums have less fish than their freshwater counterparts. This is because the sea fish grow larger than freshwater fish.

One important fact to consider before building the aquarium is the source of your live fish. Marine fish are much more expensive, therefore, want to make sure you get the healthiest fish from the most reputable sources. It is also recommended to get your fish from breeders and suppliers who do not catch them from the wild. Fish that are captured in the wild are much more stressed and have a harder time getting used to life in captivity.

There are five different types of saltwater fish aquarium:

Fish only aquariums - This type of aquarium fish contain only, no other species of marine life present. For this reason, they tend to be easier to take care of. Within the classification of marine fish, there are two types: tropical and cold water. They can not coexist together, since the difference in water temperature. Tropical fish tend to be more colorful, and this is why you see more saltwater aquariums featuring tropical fish.

invertebrate only aquarium - This type of tank consists of invertebrate creatures only, no other species is present. Invertebrates are usually a hermit crab, shrimp, starfish, sea cucumbers and shrimp, just to name a few.

invertebrates and fish aquariums - This is a combination of the previous two aquariums. These types of aquariums are more difficult to maintain because some fish will feed on invertebrates, invertebrates and some fish will feed. You need to do enough research so that fish and invertebrates are put together in a tank will end up eating each other.

Coral reef aquarium - These types of aquariums are very nice, but very difficult to maintain. reef itself is a living organism, so you have to be well educated in the needs and demands of this kind of environment before you try to put one together.

Specialty aquarium - These types of aquariums will specialize in one type of marine life. For example, aquarium sea horses, or sharks, or even octopus. Each of these types of marine life, require very specific environments, so specialty tank is used for this purpose.

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