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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Dream For Every Married Couple - Great Honeymoon Destinations

This is the dream of every newly married couple to spend some time with each other in a truly fascinating place. Some newly weds prefer a destination with white sandy beaches and secluded coves, while others prefer a honeymoon location with lush green meadows and majestic mountains. There are a variety of exotic locations around the world where you can truly enjoy a honeymoon with great thrill and excitement.

So, now let me tell you about some of the most gorgeous places and wonderful destinations that are just perfect for a honeymoon.

1 South Africa
This is a country of diverse landscape and colorful people. This country will offer all the elements that you will remember forever. Here you will find a wild safari, a nice city, nice restaurants, great landscapes, different national parks and relaxing beach. In every city in South Africa and would certainly find hotels of the world that will provide luxury-class services and facilities.

2 Cayman Islands
This place is just perfect for destination weddings, honeymoons and romantic getaway. At this point you can really enjoy a high standard of living with your beloved. Some of the best places are located in Little Cayman, Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

3 Turks and Caicos
You'll find one of the longest coral reef in the Turks and Caicos. Unlimited fun and adventure offered at this destination. Some of the high-class resorts and condos are located here, where you can spend some intimate moments with her husband. People who like water sports must choose this destination because you can enjoy scuba diving, kayaking and swimming.

4 Ireland
Majestic mountains, swift rivers, green meadows, a waterfall, luxurious hotels and beautiful beaches are some of the great features of Ireland. This land will surely make your trip worth remembering, because here you can really spend precious time with her lover.

5 Bora Bora-
Bora-Bora is a magical island in French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. It is a dream honeymoon destination for every couple, because here you will find the scenic landscape, quiet neighborhood, great nightlife and great recreational activities.

6 U.S. Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands will provide the best facilities and amenities. Special honeymoon suites and cottages are designed for all honeymoon couples, so they can spend romantic moments with others.

7 Italy
Italy is a country classic that is perfect for you if you are interested in a romantic and sophisticated experience with her husband. This is an amazing variety of buildings, museums and historical sights.

So these are some of the best honeymoon destinations to choose from for a romantic getaway or extended vacation.

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