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Friday, 6 May 2011

Top International Beaches

Beaches have always been known for its beauty and peace. Listed below are some of the famous beaches in the world.

Anguilla, Caribbean: Anguilla is even, low-lying island of coral and limestone in the Caribbean Sea, located east of Puerto Rico. Anguilla is especially famous for its spectacular coral reefs, colorful fish and stingrays. Anguilla is a tropical dry climate moderated by northeast trade winds. This 16 mile stretch of the island has a total of 33 beaches all open to the public. Anguilla is one of the most popular destination for the rich and wealthy. This island is very famous among the celebrities, so this place is very expensive. The best season for visiting Anguilla is from December to April, when tourism is at its peak. Book your reservations well in advance to avoid rush as most places are closed from rujna to October.

Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona is located on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, facing the Mediterranean Sea and has many beaches that are clean, safe and attractive. It has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers. This city has a total of seven beaches that stretch up to 4.5 km along the coast. Sant Sebastia and Barceloneta Beach are the largest, oldest and most popular beach in Barcelona. Nova Icaria, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella, Llevant are other beaches in Barcelona.

Bora-Bora French Polynesia: Bora Bora, located about 160 kilometers northwest of Tahiti and approximately 2,600 kilometers south of Hawaii, is arguably one of the most beautiful and magical island. This island has many private beaches, exotic hotels and there are lots of other adventure activities such as scuba diving, shark feeding dives, diving and other water sports.

Fernando de Noronha - Brazil: Fernando de Noronha is composed of 21 islands located on the Atlantic Ocean that extends up to 354 km at sea from the Brazilian coast. This island is one of the best, unspoiled beaches and beautiful in the world. You can participate in many under-water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, diving, surfing and more.

Cumberland Island, America: Cumberland Island extends up to 17.5 miles and it is rich in natural resources such as ancient sea turtles, sand dunes, salt marshes and forests. Cumberland Island is a nature paradise with all three put together ecosystems - beaches, forests and wetlands. Only 300 visitors are allowed on this island, and the best time to visit is from March to November. If you want to spend time alone with his family, away from the hustle and bustle, then Cumberland Island is the place for you.

However, it is very difficult to get all the best beaches in the world. other beaches that might interest you -

America's Top Beaches:

- Clearwater Beach
- Laguna Beach
- Little Palm Island
- Shi Shi Beach
- South Beach
- Trunk Bay Beach
- Punalu'u Beach
- Hawaii Beaches

Atlantic Ocean Beaches

- La Gomera, Canary Islands
- Essaouira, Morocco
- Algarve, Portugal
- Grayton Beach, Florida

Malaysian Beaches

- Datai Beach, Langkawi Island
- Long Beach
- Redang Island
- Turtle Beach & Golden Beach

Croatia Beaches

- Honda Bay
- White Beach
- Muelle Bay
- Alona Beach

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