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Saturday, 2 April 2011

5 Great Carnival Cruise Lines Family Activities

Carnival Cruise Lines, offers many family-friendly activities both on and off-board. From trips to the mainland mini golf on the sea, you will find a variety of family oriented games, events, presentations and fun for your kids (and you!) to enjoy.

1>>> Entertainment on board: When you ventured out on the deck of the ship Carnival Cruise, it seems that nothing is beyond reach. round of mini golf with your family is always a great way to start the day, Carnival cruise ships offer an incredible 9-hole mini-golf and sure to keep the kids entertained while their parents play together. If you're looking to stay in shape during your cruise you can enjoy the view from the ship-top jogging track, while the rest of the family hits one of the many swimming pools on board. From the poolside calypso band slides, fun really begins when the whole family party at the pool. Carnival Cruise Lines Deck activities will keep everyone entertained from port to port.

2>>> shoreside Family Fun: Some of the most amazing experiences during the Carnival Cruise Lines, leave can be found shoreside. Carnival offers diving adventures, reef and rays safaris, dune buggy tours, Cliff Diving instruction and much more. From the Cayman Islands to Jamaica and beyond, Carnival Cruise Lines is scoped to the best local, family-friendly activities that all destinations have to offer. You can tour the Panama Canal with an expert guide, hit the ground in places like Panama, Alaska and Hawaii, or rent ATV in Baja, Mexico! Make sure to plan ahead so that you and your family get the most out of your cruise vacation.

3>>> More Theatre: a bunch of family together in your favorite place on the deck and watch the latest movie or live sporting event in more massive outdoor theater screen. As the sun goes down and the stars dot the sky, watching the stars of different types of color on one of the largest naval screens in the world! If kids are not into sports or movies, be sure to catch a child-friendly cartoon show.

4>>> Lunch on the deck: After enjoying all of these on-board and off-board activities for Carnival Cruise Lines, a cruise, you are sure to work up an appetite. One of the most popular family activities is to gather for lunch on the Lido deck. Enjoy lunch with a personal touch as you chow down on his favorite cuisine. Some children end up have lunch with some delicious ice cream and take on a new adventure!

5>>> Live Entertainment: From live bands on stage shows, Carnival Cruise Lines offers a variety of choices in live entertainment. The whole family can enjoy a show by the pool or in one of the many areas of performance on the board. Family-friendly DJ to play in different areas around the ship and engage children in play and other activities.

So, next time you consider a cruise vacation, do not forget, you can bring the whole family along for the ride. Book Carnival Cruise Lines cruise now!

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